Magdalena Hromadová studied Comparative Literature and Teaching Czech as a Foreign Language at Charles University in Prague. She is currently a PhD student at the Czech Language Institute, Charles University, where she studies Foreign Language Teaching, with a particular focus on Czech, German and English. Her chief research interests are the use of literary texts in foreign language teaching and bilingualism in families.

Plurilingualism and intergenerational language transmission in the Czech Republic

GLOBLINMED is an international project funded by the Spanish government aimed at exploring intergenerational language transmission processes in contact situations. It focuses on medium-sized linguistic communities and uses semi-structured interviews with adult members of ethnolinguistically mixed families. The countries involved in the project are Spain (several regions), Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. This talk will briefly describe the relevant parameters of the last of these countries, the Czech Republic, which is the Central European partner of the project, including its land area, population and, in particular, its ethnolinguistic structure. The Czech GLOBLINMED research team is supported by the Internal Grant Agency of the Faculty of Arts and has five members. Its work focuses on families consisting of a Czech mother and a father from abroad with at least one child aged 5–15. The mothers in these families are asked about their family, language behaviour and language ideologies using two semi-structured interviews. Some examples of the data collected thus far will be given and analysed. These examples can provide a basis for group discussion. Specific attention will be paid to declared language behaviour and to the language ideologies formulated in the individual interview examples.

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