Kuldar Taveter, Visiting Professor, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, University of Tartu, and Professor, Department of Informatics, Tallinn University of Technology:

Will Refugees Change Everything? – Introduction to Agent-Based Simulation and its Planned Use for Studying Changes in Sociolinguistic Environments


In my presentation, I will provide insight to agent-based simulation and describe how it can be used in social sciences and linguistics for studying the emergent phenomena caused by behaviours of individuals, such as language choices in different sociolinguistic environments. I will also introduce a methodology for developing agent-based simulations – agent-oriented modelling – and will outline what kind of input would be required from social scientists and linguists for developing agent-based simulations according to this methodology. Finally, we will discuss together how such input could be provided by linguists and social scientists, and what kind of additional information might be required for coming up with informative agent-based simulations in linguistics and social sciences. Last but not least, we will discuss if we could predict by agent-based simulation if and how refugees could change the sociolinguistic environment in Estonia.

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