Language ecology seminar is a monthly interdisciplinary foorum where the members of the team and invited speakers present new research results, theoretical papers and analyses in language ecology and adjacent fields. The seminar is lead by prof. Martin Ehala. It is open to everybody; and students can also participate as a part of their studies.

Recent seminars:

8. May 2014
"Language and higher education: the context of Estonia" - Are we ready to accept Englishization in certain fields; Internationalisation as an objective in and of itself; who leads or should lead this process; and other topics covered. Josep Soler-Carbonell, Univeristy of Tartu

13. February 2014
"Identity, language and conflict in Moldova" Anastasia Mitrofanova,
Head of the Chair of Political Sciences at the Russian Orthodox University, Director of the Centre for Ethnic and Religious Studies at the Russian Orthodox University and Professor at the Russian State University of the Humanities.

23. January 2014
"The EKKAM project - vision, goals and plan", Martin Ehala
"When language becomes a power: Russian-speaking teachers in bilingual general education system in Estonia." Tatjana Kiilo, Ministry of Education and Research

26. November 2013
"Making space for local and non-dominant languages? Linguistic landscapes and schools." Kara Brown, Columbia University, South-Carolina, USA

15. October 2013
"(Re-)Negotiating Multilingualism on the Periphery: which languages are valued and which are not in south-eastern Estonia", Kadri Koreinik, Võru Insitute.

25 April 2013
"The (unbalanced) interplay between English and Estonian among Ph.D. graduates in Estonia: an overview", Josep Soler-Carbonell, Tallinna Ülikool, Tartu University.

20. märts 2013
"Sociocultural context of Sub-Saharan Africa and the need for a specific methodology in Ethnolinguistic Vitality Assessment of Minority communities", Rostand Ngouo, Dschang University, Cameroon.

"Fieldwork design for ethnolinguistic vitality research in Mari El", Elena Vedernikova, Tartu University.

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